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After longer thinking and alignment of the attitudes between the Bishop of Arusha, the priest of cathedral parish that Kisongo filial belongs to and Croatian missioner priests, who took over the care of construction and pastoral activities in the area of the future mission Kisongo, the final solution for choosing between several possible locations for the construction of the future mission center is about to come.
The present temporal accommodation of Croatian missioners is quite distant from the center filial of Kisongo, in uninhabited and hard to approach area, without electricity and water near, also isolated area during any kind of rain when we become cut off from the roads for a while. That temporal location we want to change, as it seems, with small church plot few hundred meters away from the main road Arusha – Kisongo, at the junction towards the factory for production nets against mosquitoes, near school, and with water and electricity supply nearby. That small parish plot is consisted of little improvised chapel with few graves around. In the agreement with a cathedral parish priest and local Christian community we talk about buying surrounding land which would be enough for the beginning of construction of the new mission center and the center of the future parish.
Container adapted for housing is on the way from Australia – the gift of Croats from Australia – and we expect its arrival soon and its installation on the aforementioned land, along with other containers, this would be a visible sign for the beginning of the construction of the new mission center “Croatian Fathers –Kisongo”!