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The view of the mission Kisongo

Under this title “Benefactors” we will try in future to publish names of the individuals and institutions (except the ones that really do not want that!) who with their work, effort, material gift or on any other way participate in the foundation and helping to live the new mission of Kisongo in the diocese of Arusha – Tanzania, led by Croatian missioners.
Already now we would like to thank to all the ones that will be involved into present and future activities. For all our benefactors we pray regularly during our Sunday holy masses together with our parishioners so that good God can give each one of them hundred times more in this world and eternal life in Heavens.   



1. National administration of Pontifical mission societies of Bosnia and Herzegovina – Mission center in Sarajevo

2. The Office of Pontifical mission societies of Herzegovina dioceses in Mostar

3. The Ordinary in Mostar

4. The Parish of Holy Trinity – Gabela Polje

5. The Parish of St Peter and Paul – Rotimlja

6. The Parish of Holy Trinity, Blagaj – Buna

7. Archdiocese center for pastorate of the youth John Paul II.

8. The Association of friends of the nature “Lipa” from Odžak

9. The Parish of Blessed Virgin Mary’ Nativity - Ulice

10. The Parish of St. Mathew – Mostar

11. The Parish of All Saints - Aladinići